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Who is this product for?

Our product is for any shooter, or firearms training entity, looking to increase the efficiency and realism of their training. Whether a valued member of our armed forces, law enforcement, a recreational shooter, or a shooting range looking for an affordable way to draw more customers, our system offers a variety of scenarios, drills, and games meant to improve shooter marksmanship skills for all experience levels.

What is unique about our system?

Our patented system uses a modular system of wireless smart target attachments that separate the interactive electronics from proprietary targets. The benefits of traditional steel targets can now be combined with an advanced training system to offer dynamic training scenarios, and allows the end-user to select the size, shape, and cost of their own steel targets.

What is meant by a "modular" and "expandable" system?

Users can purchase a base system to get started, then, at any time, add in additional devices to expand the size and capabilities of their system.

What are the minimum components required for a system to operate?

What additional components can I add into my system?

  • Additional Smart Target Attachments
  • Weapon Shot Counters
  • Signal Repeaters

How many smart target attachments can I have linked to one system?

20. This means there can be up to 20 targets interacting with a shooter.

What is the range of the system?

100 yard base range. Expandable up to 2,000 yards with signal repeaters.

How is the system controlled?

Does the phone need to be connected to the internet for the system to work?

Does the system provide any feedback or statistics tracking?

Yes. Our system will display a shooter’s statistics in real-time and tracks their progress as they go. The system will show their overall time, reaction time, target reacquisition time, splits time, and accuracy.

Do I need to use any special weapons or ammunition?

No. You shoot your own weapons, with live ammunition, at steel targets of your choosing.

What calibers can I use?

.22 to 7.62mm X 51mm.

Does the base system come with targets?

What type of targets can I use?

How far away do I need to be from the targets?

What is the minimum distance targets need to be from each other?

How do I know when to shoot a specific target?

Do I shoot the Active Target Indicator?

What happens if I shoot an Active Target Indicator?

How do I replace an Active Target Indicator?

Can I get different colored Active Target Indicators?

What type of batteries does the system use?

What is the battery life?

What type of charger does it use?

Where can I use the system?

Are the components weather proof?

How much does it cost?

How can I stay informed on your progress?

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